Aspiration Assemblies at Ladybarn Primary School

Ian Caldwell, Deputy Head Teacher at Ladybarn Primary School has been using the Primary Futures platform to run a series of aspiration assemblies. Inviting volunteers to speak in an assembly is a brilliant, easy way to give children the opportunity to interact with someone from the world of work, bringing careers to life. This interaction can help children make the connection between what they are learning now, and the possibilities it opens up for them later in life. In this short blog, Ian explains how and why his school organised some aspiration assemblies:

“Events such as aspiration assemblies are importance because it helps the children to join up the dots: what do I have to do to get there – to do that; what skills will I have to work on; what subjects will I need to study etc but it also, and perhaps more importantly, gives them a story, a person to aspire to be like. It makes that job an achievable thing –  if she did, why can’t I?

We invited some local successful women (with interesting jobs!) to give a short presentation to our year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students about their jobs, what it entails, and how they got into the role. We have started a big piece of work on gender and aspirations this year and these events supported that really well.

Feedback from both staff and pupils has been brilliant! Staff and pupils really enjoyed the presentations. There’s been great feedback, for example, following Chrissy Phipps’s presentation on being a pilot, I had a Year 4 girl come to see me to say she now wants to be a pilot ‘like that lady from Friday’.

We would like to repeat this next term. The work on gender and aspirations will continue to be a facet of our School Priorities next year.”

Thanks for sharing how your school has utilised Primary Futures Ian.

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