Aspirations Week with a theme

Many Primary Futures schools run an ‘Aspirations Week’. They are a great way to introduce children to lots of volunteers from a range of jobs and sectors with lots of engaging and fun activities. It’s up to you how you ask volunteers to support your Aspirations Week. They can support a huge range of activities and workshops – from workshops on numeracy and literacy to acting as a judge in a project or competition. Put your own personal stamp on your ‘Aspirations Week’, just like Oasis Academy Harpur Mount have by theming theirs.

Tell us a bit about your Aspirations Week

“We hold an Aspirations Week annually across the school. Each year group has a theme:

  • Year 1: People who help us
  • Year 2: Making it with building trades and architects
  • Year 3: Food
  • Year 4: Hobbies
  • Year 5: Journalism
  • Year 6: a mixture.

It ensures that by the time they leave us the children will have a experienced a variety of careers.”

What activities do the volunteers get involved in?

  • Classroom talks where they speak to the children in small groups and answer their questions about their job
  • Go out on trips with the children
  • Activities related to the world of work
  • Inspirational and motivational whole school assemblies which encourage the children to ‘dream big’.

The children also have the opportunity to watch TV shows related to their topic.

What is the importance of the Aspirations Week?

“The children often have little in the way of positive role models in the world of work- most of our parents are in low paid/unskilled jobs or not in work at all. Our children don’t have any aspirations to work and don’t aspire to a skilled job as they don’t know that the careers exist. We want our children to believe that they can do whatever they want to- to “dream big”. The visitors that are the most inspirational are the ones who came from similar backgrounds and the children can relate to them.

They, and the staff, love the week and really look forward to it each year. There has been a big change in the attitudes of the children. They are now talking about what they want to do in the future in a positive way.”

Why do you use the Primary Futures platform to arrange your Aspirations Week?

“It is vital! I really struggle to find people to come into talk to the children. We don’t have a bank of parents to do it and previously I had to rely on favours from friends. Last year, I used Primary futures and had access to many more people to come to talk to the children.”

Thank you Claire for taking the time to share your school’s story with us.

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