Careers Day at Royles Brook Primary School in Lancashire

Royles Brook is a Primary School based in Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, and has over 270 pupils.

Royles Brook held a very exciting and enjoyable Careers Day on Thursday 27th February with all of the children eagerly awaiting the afternoon. Chris Morris (Year 6 teacher), who organised the activity, said that he was really pleased at the number of volunteers that came, but as it was new to him, he was concerned that nine would be too many.

The ‘What’s My Line?’ assembly was for both the Year 5 and Year 6 children for them to observe the variety of vocations in the local area. Chris was happy at the range of volunteers and wants to use Primary Futures again to invite more volunteers to school to perform on a wider scale.

After the ‘What’s My Line?’ assembly, Chris organised a career carousel in the school hall and a couple of the school’s classrooms. This gave the children an opportunity to engage in a more in depth chat, asking more personal questions to the volunteers. Chris’ only downside to the afternoon was that the children didn’t get the opportunity to speak to all of the volunteers that attended!