Careers speed networking

Tracy Dell, Headteacher at Crossley Fields School, ran a careers speed networking event, using Primary Futures to invite 22 volunteers into school to talk to her pupils.

A careers speed networking activity is a great way to introduce children to loads of volunteers from different industries and sectors, which is what Tracy did for her event.  Using our free, online platform, she ran a successful event that was enjoyed by all the pupils involved.

What type of event did you run in your school?

We are a three form entry, large primary school and we decided to run our event prior to the SATs for our three Year 6 classes.  We ran a speed dating style careers afternoon with 22 different careers represented – from the Porsche garage to a theatre director to scientists!

It was an amazing afternoon and it ended with scones and tea for the volunteers to say thank you.

Why is it important to run these types of events?

To know what jobs are out there, to know the qualifications needed, and put school tests in context with a real purpose.

Was the event enjoyed by all the children?

Below are some quotes from the pupils of Crossley Fields School who took part in the day:

“It was great!”

“I didn’t know that job existed!”

For several days after the event, the pupils were talking about the jobs they had heard about and the speakers they didn’t get to see themselves.

Do you have any plans to have any more sessions?

Yes, an annual Year 6 event.

What are the benefits of using our online platform?

This was a great way to find people and to communicate.  We constantly used to to chase up people to make sure we had enough people.  It’s important to invite three times the number of individuals you need to make sure you have enough on the day.

A huge thank you to Tracy for sharing your school’s story with us.

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