Careers week at Bishop Winnington Ingram Church of England Primary School in Hillingdon

Bishop Winnington Ingram Church of England Primary School in Hillingdon is a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School in the London Borough of Hillingdon. The school  currently have a morning nursery with up to 30 children and two classes in each year group.  The school organised a Careers week with Primary Futures, starting on Monday 3rd February 2020.

Teacher Siobhan Johnston has used Primary Futures previously to plan a Careers Day but this year she wanted to further develop her children’s aspirational learning, by planning a Careers Week with aspirational activities across the week. To start off her Careers Week, she planned a whole school ‘What’s My Line?’ Assembly and seven volunteers came along on the day. Siobhan says the children and teachers were astonished by the range of careers and surprised to meet a female civil engineer and an astrophysicist! The Assembly broadened children’s horizons around the world of work and helped to challenge female gender stereotypes, by showing the children that girls and boys alike can aspire to jobs with science, engineering, and maths backgrounds!

The children enjoyed the event and commented:

‘…I loved the scientist!  She was really interesting and I am amazed that she can create planets on her computer!  I want to do that!..’

‘..I knew that women could be in engineering, but didn’t know they could take on huge projects, like the Olympic Park!…’

‘…I really want to work with money when I grow up…especially in a big bank!…’

A group of the Year 6 children Speed Networking with two of the Primary Futures volunteers.
Here are the six Primary Futures volunteers lined up at the front of the hall for the ‘What’s My Line?’ Assembly.