Caroline Moss, Team Leader MSK Physiotherapist

Caroline as a Team Leader MSK Physiotherapist with the Bury Care Organisation, Northern Care Alliance, signed up to Inspiring the Future as one of our inspirational NHS Ambassadors. Having just passed her taught Masters modules in Public Health last May, she’s about to embark on my dissertation project with the local council. As an NHS Ambassador, she is keen to help raise young people’s awareness of the range of careers available with the NHS by visiting local schools to talk about her role. In this short blog, Caroline gives a brief overview of her career so far with the advice she would like to offer young people:

“My job consists of assessing and treating many patients each day with different muscle and bone (MSK) problems, helping them get back to activities they are struggling with, and enabling them to lead as normal life as possible. I also teach and advise more junior staff so that they can assess and treat patients as effectively as possible. I try and make sure that the Physio department runs as smoothly as possible so that patients get the best available care as quickly as possible, and the staff are as happy as they can be in their work.

I enjoy the variety of the patients I see, so I’m never bored and always challenged. Working within a dynamic team is really enjoyable as it allows us to keep our skills as up to date as possible for patient care. The time constraints are what I least enjoy as this makes the job often more difficult that it needs to be.

In sixth form I completed a few work placements in a variety of settings to show that I understood different areas of Physiotherapists work. This helped me when I went for my university interviews. I studied Biology, Chemistry and Geography at A-Level and went to Nottingham University Physiotherapy School.”

What advice would you offer to young people considering a career in Physiotherapy?

“Get some work experience and be sure you want to study Physiotherapy and not another health care profession.  Sometimes volunteering in care homes/ nursery schools etc as an addition can look really good on your school CV as it will show you are trying to expand your communication skills with different age groups. Look at your skills in Biology and the sciences as you will need these in your degree. Don’t give up if you really want to do Physiotherapy and you don’t get through first time. Some of the best Physiotherapists  I have the privilege of working with had to apply a second or third time!”

Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us, Caroline.

If you are interested in our NHS Ambassadors campaign with NHS EnglandNHS Improvement and Health Education England, either to become a volunteer or would like to invite an NHS Ambassador to visit your school, you can find out more here.