Inspiring for Life

“Over 20 volunteers from a range of occupations visited Ashfield Park during ‘Inspired for Life Week’ last July. The week was all about raising aspirations and opening the door to the world to show children some of the possibilities that are out there in the world of work. Pupil Premium coordinator Joanne Sergeant used the Primary Futures website to invite a wide range of volunteers to the school. Staff at Ashfield Park are passionate in helping every single individual fulfil their potential and activity weeks like this encourage our pupils to help themselves to have ambition and drive.

Children and staff all enjoyed a variety of enterprise linked activities and year groups from Reception to Year 6 welcomed in volunteers to share their stories about how they had come to be involved in their current role and what their job was all about.

Opening the week’s events, Ashfield Park had a Polar Arctic Explorer visit. Nabih from Education through Expeditions talked to the whole school about his experiences of exploring the Arctic and undertaking research.  Nabih then worked with selected year groups to undertake an experiment related to keeping warm in the Arctic.

Volunteers included a Gym Instructor, Town Planner, Landscape Designer, Respiratory Nurse, Surveyor, Editor and even a Fighter Jet Pilot.  The children found it insightful hearing about the journey that these volunteers had taken throughout their education and on into their careers and they enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the volunteers in the classroom.

Year 1 and Year 5 pupils particularly enjoyed hearing from Nick Critchley from the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership.  Nick’s information also supported the children in their learning in Geography and helped to inspire some activities such as making bird feeders and looking into protecting the environment.

Over in Year 3 pupils particularly enjoyed meeting Rachel Bate who runs a Dog Walking and Boarding Business.  They even got to meet some of her special friends.

Year 2 were lucky enough to welcome Peter Chambers who is an Editor/Publisher/Writer.  Peter gave the pupils valuable advice for putting their Smoothies Recipe Book together.

Thank you, Primary Futures, for the advice and for support with inviting volunteers.  We hope to run the Inspired for Life event again some time in the future making the event bigger and better with an even wider range of volunteers.  We hope to see you there.”

Thank you Joanne for taking the time to share your school’s story with us.

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