Marsha Jones, Countywide Community Services Manager

Marsha Jones is a Countywide Community Services Manager for Specialist Teams at the Worcestershire Health and Care Trust.

After being discouraged to become an actress, Marsha was told that nursing would be a good career path.  After taking up a role, she hasn’t looked back and she’s taken the time to tell us why.

Can you give some examples of what you do in a typical day or week?

My roles is as a dual manager-leader role, ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of countywide specialist services.  I have six specialist services and like to be amongst the teams, which means travelling across the county to work inside them.  This is the part that brings the most joy: developing strong interpersonal relations with them, so I’m not an invisible leader.  This enables me to be a leader in the sense of applying personal and professional attributes to develop trust, encouraging great, safe work for our patients.

This business bit is the scrutiny, finance, service level agreements, etc. (i.e. operational tasks).

Finally, triangulated with clinical and governance, drawing up on my experiences of 25 years as a nurse with previous portfolios in Quality and Governance.  So, each day is a different.

What do you enjoy most and least about your work?

The thing I enjoy most is my work family and being with like-minded, caring individuals.

I enjoy the battle to progressing innovation to improve patient care and staff experiences the least.

How did you get into your current career?

After my A-levels, I wanted to go into acting, but became discouraged to fell into nursing after a tutor told me it made a good job!

Before becoming registered, I worked on various wards for a number of organisations, including private care.  I took a band 6 role and remained there for 15 years until I took on a failing ward as a Ward Sister in 2011.

I led a team and, after a year of sheer determination, it became the pinnacle of my career to see so many good things and good nurses come to fruition.  I quickly progressed to Matron of Patient Flow, working across three hospitals on urgent care and managing the discharge team.

Three years ago, I moved into community care as a Clinical Lead Nurse for five community hospitals and community nursing teams.  There was a restructuring 18 months in and I progressed into a fully operational role.  However, I’m doing it my way and learning from my experience of managers to view myself as a servant leader, a theory I was drawn to two years ago when I started my EGA NHS Leadership MSc.

What advice would you give someone starting out in your career?

Spend time to get to know your team members.  Understand their concerns, be honest, open, transparent, and show sincere integrity.  Maintain your line of sight to the patient.  The difficult decisions will come, but will be made easier when your teams trust you.

What are your future career plans?

I’m torn between senior operational role and executive nurse role.  I have aspirations, having already given 25 years to nursing, to continue to progress and ultimately to an executive role now that I have chosen a leadership path.

A huge thank you to Marsha for telling her story and letting us know her career route.

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