Media volunteers for a novel newsletter project

Rebecca Halliday, a teacher at Notley Green Primary School, wanted to find volunteers from media to come in and talk to her pupils about their careers.

Using Primary Futures to find these volunteers, she was able to run a successful event where the children were inspired and motivated, producing an article for their year’s newsletter.  As a result of this event, the children had their eyes opened to a new career and now know why school is important.

What type of event did you run in your school?

We organised for a couple of volunteers to visit the school to discuss their role in media.  Our year were creating a newspaper for the school and we wanted to expose them to the careers that stem from English.

What is it important to run these types of events?

It was really important for our children to meet these different people, so that they can understand the purpose of school.  Also, it helps to open their minds to all the different career paths they could follow in the future.

Was the event enjoyed by all the children?

The children loved meeting the different volunteers and learning more about their jobs.  The volunteers shared their stories and engaged with the children through different activities.  The children were really engaged for the rest of the topic.  They created a fantastic newspaper article at the end of the term, which was distributed around the school.

Do you have any plans to have any more sessions?

I would love to do more sessions like this in the future.  It is a fantastic way to introduce the children to different careers and hook them into learning for the term.

What are the benefits of using our online platform?

Previously, I had tried to contact local companies to see if anyone would be able to visit and speak to the children.  However, I had no reply.

Then I found this website and instantly found people in the area to contact.  The organisers even put me into contact with more people, so that we could arrange for more to visit.  I was so thrilled that the volunteers were willing to travel (sometimes quite a distance) to visit my classes.  It was absolutely fantastic and I would not have been able to do it without the Primary Futures website.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Rebecca for sharing your year’s experiences.

If you would like to organise a similar for your school, register with Primary Futures to start inviting volunteers and to have access to loads of resources to help you plan for your event.

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