Paul Bolton, Nurse

Senior Infection Prevention and Control Nurse at the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals (NHS Foundation Trust).

When Paul studying for his GCSE’s, all he wanted to be when he grew up was a journalist.  However, he became disenchanted with this career when he realised that there were so few jobs available.

During his time with the students, he discussed how he got into nursing and working with the NHS.

After finishing school, Paul spent four years trying out different A-level courses to find out what he really enjoyed doing, but he didn’t find anything until he got a job as a healthcare assistant.  It was in this role, he told the children, that he found out how much he enjoyed nursing.

To show how important school studies are in his profession, he said: “The learning I gained at school and at college were invaluable as I progressed through my training and to this current day, particularly English language, maths, and the sciences.”

Talking about his experience at the NHS, he explained how working there has given him a lot of opportunities to learn and develop.  One example was for the NHS 70 celebrations, where Paul started a blog to show people what it was like to work for the NHS.

Paul enjoyed talking with the children, thinking it was a very positive experience.  “It really helped me reflect upon how I am viewed as a male nurse,” he said.  “This is such a good opportunity to encourage and inspire our future generation to reach for their dreams.”