Primary Futures Doncaster

Primary Futures has been funded in Doncaster through the Doncaster Opportunity Area, as part of a package of support to raise primary children’s awareness of the world of work, including facilitating links between employers and schools, challenging gender stereotypes and raising awareness of higher education.

Over the 2019-2020 academic year, Primary Futures will be supporting primary schools across Doncaster to bring inspirational volunteers from the world of work into your school. Activities run through Primary Futures will help:

  1. Children to broaden their horizons, with an increased awareness of jobs and the wider world
  2. Challenge gender stereotyping about jobs and school subjects
  3. Link learning to the real world and in doing so increasing motivation to work hard
  4. Children to have increased perception of self confidence and self belief
  5. Employers to increase their engagement in primary schools
  6. Teachers to be more confident and resourceful in delivering activities with volunteers from the world of work

Primary schools in Doncaster have free access to:

  • Bespoke support from the Primary Futures team to help plan, organise and evaluate activities with volunteers from the world of work.
  • An impact assessment, with a bespoke report for your school to help you evaluate the impact of your activity and develop plans for your next one.
  • Ongoing access to the Primary Futures platform and it’s volunteers and free resources.

Register today at to see and contact the volunteers in your area or email to book in a planning call or meeting.

If you are interested in volunteering at an upcoming event in a local school or would like more information about how your employer can get involved, please register here or email for more information.