Holly Critchley

Primary Schools Engagement Coordinator

Hi, my name is Holly and I am Primary Schools Engagement Coordinator. My role is to support primary school teachers with planning exciting and interactive activities for their children. I understand that all schools are unique with their own culture and values, which is why I am always keen to hear from teachers and learn about your schools!

On a day to day basis I spend time talking to teachers about their current aspirational programmes, learning about whether they have previously had volunteers into their schools before or whether this is an entirely new endeavour for them! Either way, I have lots of ideas for the types of activity you might like to plan for your children. I am passionate about activities being interactive, fun, and engaging and encourage volunteers to share their jobs with children in a child-friendly way. I think it’s fantastic that a child as young as five years old can learn about a “Project Manager” (Someone who is responsible for planning a project such as building a train track from start to finish – any child can take on a project and develop these skills)! 

Another part of my day is helping teachers with using the Primary Futures platform. I understand that the platform can be confusing at times and teachers might need support with creating their activity or inviting volunteers. So, if you do get stuck on the platform and are not sure what to do next, please do give me a call. I am always ready to help you out along the way. 

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting with planning your next aspirational activity!