Tracey Norris, Divisional Head of Nursing

Tracey Norris works as the Divisional Head of Nursing at North Middlesex University Hospital.

Entering into nursing at the age of 19, Tracey has had plenty of experience working with patients.  From begin an adult and children’s Nurse and gaining her Master’s degree, she has done so much in our hospitals.

Can you give some examples of what you do in a typical day or week?

  • Manage large teams of nurses
  • Interact with children and families
  • Inspire teams and make changes for patients’ care
  • Work in several adult teams in the acute and community settings
  • Work on a project for young people with mental health issues
  • Role model and ambassador for my hospital.

What do you enjoy most and least about your work?

I enjoy making a difference to people’s lives, but dislike the conflict.

Why do you think young people should be interested in your career?

It’s amazing and rewarding.  Everyday is different and we are allowed into the lives of people to help, support, and care for all – delivered with compassion.

There are many opportunities in the role and the job is diverse.

It’s challenging, but the rewards of caring far outreach that!

You can inspire others to find their chosen path and, if they fall off it, you can guide them back onto it.

It’s brilliant everyday!

Thank you to Tracey for letting us know about your job and why you think others should be interested in your career route.

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