Victoria Thompson, Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist

Victoria Thompson works as a Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist for the East London Foundation Trust.

Before starting a career with the NHS, Victoria undertook work experience at a private podiatry practice.  Finding that this was a career that interested her and that she enjoyed, she applied for a three year degree and, after completion, for a job at the NHS, where she has been working ever since!

When thinking of diabetes, it would be uncommon for someone to immediately start thinking about feet.  However, Victoria’s role is to do just that.  Working in community health centres, hospitals, and in patients’ homes, she takes care of diabetic feet and the complications that can arise from the condition.

Working as part of a team and individually, Victoria is tasked with making decisions about the care for patients’ foot health, which can have a huge impact on the patients’ lives.  To make a further impact, she also works with other professionals to increase awareness of diabetic foot disease.

As she works in so many different locations and with so many individuals, it is hardly surprising that everyday is different, which is one of the things that Victoria likes most about working as a Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist.  However, it is the paperwork that goes along with it that she likes the least.

When asked what advice she would give to someone starting out in a career like this, Victoria said: “Make sure you spend time with people who are already going the job to get an insight into what they really to on a day-to-day basis.

Thank you, Victoria, for sharing your story with us and for giving us some amazing advice of what to do if someone is interested in a similar career.

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