What’s My Line assembly at The Green Way Academy in Hull

The Green Way Academy is proud to serve its community in North Hull and is proud to be part of the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) family. This term the children have been thinking about their hopes and dreams for the future and we wanted to create a really special event that would  inspire our pupils into the world of work.  The Primary Futures programme was the perfect vehicle and provided everything we needed to prepare and plan for our event. We were provided with all the information we needed from the support materials and was given some sound advice and promotional materials from John Killeen, Northern Primary Futures Lead.

We were lucky on the day to secure 4 excellent Primary Future volunteers along with a friend from our local community and all 5 provided a diverse range of jobs. On the day the children were inspired by a firefighter, surgeon, plumber, structural engineer and an animal care manager. Using the ‘What’s My Line’ approach our volunteers were quizzed by our pupils in 2 very special presentations. No-one guessed the jobs in section 1! The children were then amazed to see them re-enter with their props and uniforms and they asked some brilliant questions-the hardest one of all for our volunteers was ‘What is the secret to your success?’. The volunteers were all extremely friendly, polite and knowledgeable. They were able to adapt their answers from the very youngest of pupils (4) to the very oldest. (11). The children had a remarkable time from start to finish!

We are now busy organising a ‘Speed Dating’ session for the Summer term in classes and we have some volunteers signed up already!

We really enjoyed taking part and the children all remarked how much they enjoyed it. The volunteers were perfect role models for our pupils and we know that the event will be remembered for many years to come and who knows hopefully opened their eyes to careers in the future. Thank you so much for your support.